Or Virtual Airline Guidelines

We are an inclusive community for pilots of all backgrounds with a shared passion for flight simulation and an affinity of our real world counterpart. ALVA is a safe space and we ask all pilots to read, understand, and agree to abide by our code of conduct found in our operation manual.

Flagrant non-observance of the rules may lead to suspension, or in the case of repeated or particularly egregious violations, a permanent ban at the discretion of management.

  1. Treat others with courtesy and respect. Members should use common sense and keep it professional by avoiding profanity, derogatory comments, and inappropriate/NSFW content on ALVA communication platforms, including on their profiles. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment and ask everyone to keep political and religious views to themselves.
  2. No piracy. We support creators and ALVA members should not, in their words or actions, compromise the integrity of ALVA by condoning or appearing to condone software piracy, intellectual property theft, or any other type of criminal activity.


We only request that when joining you can commit to one flight per month of over 45 minutes duration. We understand that our members have a life before the simulation community. We would however remind you that our system automatically detects inactivity and will delete an account after a notification period.

We allow prolonged absence by utilizing our Leave of Absence system (LOA) this can be found in the dashboard and becomes active after a period of an initial membership period of three months. If you urgently require leave and would like to keep your account open alternatively you could speak to a member of  staff.

Flight Preparation & Dispatch

The company flight planning tool is Simbrief, which is integrated into the VAMSYS dispatch tool. The company layout for OFPs is “EIN”. External tools such as PFPX are also approved for flight planning.

Pilots are ultimately responsible for Operational Flights Plans (OFPs) and the adherence to routing, airspace, fueling, minimum fuel required by OFP, duty times, etc.

For more detail, see Flight Deck Preparation procedures within our extensive SOP manual

Contacting Operations

You can contact ALVA Operations via Discord Helpdesk for quick queries.

Discord shall be used for any operational questions related to your flight that require rapid response. The first available Operations Duty Manager will respond.