Frequently asked questions

Can I fly any route I like ?

The short answer is No, we emulate the service of our real world counterpart utilzing real world routes. We do however have frequent events that will include none route destinations.

Were can I get support

We have a great support system on our Discord server. Our staff and members are always willing to help. On joining navigate to our dashboard and click the link for Discord. Once there visit the Welcome page and follow the instructions.

Am I required the fly on IVAO or Vatsim

No, our software can record any flight you want to complete be it on line with a particular network or Offline.

What software would I need for flying with ALVA

You will need MSFS 2020, X Plane 11 or 12, P3D. In addition you will need to down load FSUIPC and Pegasus.

Can I use any aircraft type

You can utilize any aircraft that is available for the particular route you fly. We do operate a substitute aircraft system which the staff will be happy to provide you with.